THE BUBBLE 2018 A Festival of Life – 17 to 23 September

While Gravity may weight us down, Levity will rise us up

Making Life a Little Bit Lighter

In a time when the world seems to be full of constant chaos and negative news, our aim is to make life a little lighter and to bring healthy fun and physical activity into our world.

Introducing Levity Med

Levity Med Ltd was launched during the summer of 2017.  We specialize in Import & Export, Wholesale & Distribution of several product lines, and are the parent company for:
Gaea’s Garden

You…. Light up my Life!

Anyone can sell toys.  We sell toys that ignite the imagination of children, and get them up off of the couch and outside in the sunshine.  At Levity Light, we believe that both children and adults need to free themselves from confinement and learn to move and flow again.


Truly Pure & Natural Skincare

While true Beauty comes from within each and everyone of us, Gaea’s Gardens provides every thing we need to bring that glow out for the world to see. We have searched the globe to bring you the most pure, natural essences from our global garden.  

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A picture is worth a thousand words

MUXI Life brings to life thousands of words.  A day in the life of a photographer who captures the tremendous and the tiniest moments of our world.  Whether you want a very special reminder of your time in Gozo, or just want to imagine a world of tranquility,  a thousand words awaits you!

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Award winning photo

Awarded second place by Malta Post for this awesome photo of Xewkija Cathedral at sunset.

Some things never change…

Capturing the life of stillness in Gozo, where time changes only gradually.

The bright colours of Gozo

The hot sun and cool Mediterranean Sea reflect all the colours of summer.

Customer Service is our Highest Priority

The Levity Med Team comes from a wide varity of backgrounds, but the one thing we all have in common is that we all came from a place where old school customer service was the most vital part of how we did business.

We promise that we’ll answer your questions promptly by phone, email, social media or even carrier pidgeon. We will NEVER  ignore you while staring vapidly at our electronic devices or nor will we chat on our cell phones while you stand there bored to tears waiting for service. 

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Are you looking for a supplier of inovative and exciting products?

We Import several product lines and offer excellent whole prices to local business who’d like to work with us.  Whether you want to order 20 or 20,000, we are always flexible and are happy to work with you. 

We are constantly explanding our inventory and bringing in new products, ideas and inspirations. Are you looking for something specific? Let us know and maybe we can help you find it.



5 billion


we lost count

Humans & Dogs

Latest News

Stop by and visit us in Marsalforn Gozo weekend evenings on the front.  We’re always around,  lighting up the seaside with LED glow poi and occasionally swinging fire, selling healthy skincare and chatting with our neighbors and news friends visiting Gozo.  Why?  Because we love to meet new people and teach young and old new tricks!